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Ventilation HRV Systems,
Bathroom Heating
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Atlantic sustainable products represent the latest in European style and technological advances.

Our products are designed specifically to reduce energy consumption, in turn saving you money whilst helping to protect the environment without sacrificing a quality lifestyle.

The listed products are designed with small carbon footprints and include the energy efficient Optimocosy/Primocosy home ventilation system and electrical panel heaters.

Ventillation Systems

HRV Ventilation Systems
Optimocosy for new homes

Dual flow heat recovery ventilation system with remote control.
Up to 30% saving on heating.
Up to 91% recovery of the air energy.

Easily maintained, thermal and acoustic comfort.

The Atlantic Optimocosy home ventilation system uses energy efficient technology to recover 91% of heat.

HRV Ventilation Systems
Primocosy for retro-fitting homes

The Primocosy heat recovery home ventilation systems, or hrv ventilation, provide continuous fresh filtered air to the home whilst saving the heat energy within a home. Heat recovery is up to 91%.

Not only are pollutants removed but by balancing the relative humidity condensation, mould growth and other problems are significantly reduced. Find out more about our hrv ventilation systems.

Bathroom Towel Dryers

Bathroom Heater/Towel warmer

The Plinth model is an ideal way to warm your bathroom and dry the towels. It is available in a 500 or 1250 Watt unit. Simply fix it to your wall, under your towel rail and plug in to a power point.
Features include double insulation, touch safe surface temperatures and a safety cut-out which resets automatically.

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