Atlantic Group Company Profile

Atlantic France

Created in 1968 at la Roche-sur-Yon (west coast of France), the Atlantic Group is a leading French company in climate control engineering and today employs over 4,000 people with affiliations worldwide.

Constantly attentive to its markets, its different brands offer customers a range of products that meet all types of needs: water heaters and electric heaters, domestic and collective boilers, air conditioning, ventilation, and renewable energies.

The company's experience with multiple energies (electrical, gas, fuel oil, solar, etc.) enables it to operate within the entire climate control engineering market (collective, domestic and service sector applications).

Atlantic Australasia Pty Ltd

Established in 1994, Atlantic Australasia Pty Ltd is a wholly owned Australian company representing the Atlantic Group of France.

Atlantic products are available Australia wide from leading appliance retailers and selected distributors.

Atlantic Australasia Pty Ltd provides advice on product selection and, system designs.