Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to heat a room?
On average about 15 minutes.

How do I select the right size heater?
Allow for 100 Watts per square metre of living and bedroom area with a ceiling height of up to 3 metres. For a bathroom allow 200 watt per square metre.

Can I install it in a bathroom?
Atlantic products are made with anti-corrosion materials. They are splash proof rated and double insulated making them suitable for use in bathrooms.

Can I install it myself?
Yes, simply fix the wall bracket to the wall with four screws then clip the heater on to the bracket and plug in to a power point.

What if children touch it?
The heater has a low surface temperature and is child safe.

Other safety features include;

  • Double insulated shock-proof casing
  • Safety catch on mounting bracket
  • splash proof rating: IP - 24
  • Safety cut-out switch if heater is covered
  • Fully-enclosed heating element

Why should I buy an Atlantic panel heater?
The Atlantic wall panel heaters produce comfortable warmth quickly and efficiently. In fact, the heater is 100% efficient unlike gas heaters which are 60 - 70% efficient on flued systems.

Is it energy efficient?
Yes, with our precise electronic heating controls, our heaters are energy efficient and will save you money.

Running costs will vary depending on conditions such as insulation, curtains and room size. For effective heating, rooms should be fully insulated, preferably with curtains and floor coverings. All doors should be closed. Running costs will increase by 10% for every degree over 22 degrees which is the ideal room temperature.

Power Rating Running Cost per hour
2400 Watts 17 cents per hour
2000 Watts 14 cents per hour
1500 Watts 11 cents per hour
1000 Watts 7 cents per hour

Power Rating Running Cost per hour
2400 Watts 33.5 cents per hour
2000 Watts 28.0 cents per hour
1500 Watts 21.0 cents per hour
1000 Watts 14.0 cents per hour

Costs based on 14c per KW hour