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The latest European design meets the newest energy saving innovations.

Atlantic brings you Tatou: your smart and stylish radiant heater.Experience the best of both worlds — unsurpassed comfort with exceptional energy efficiency. Featuring the latest technological advances in intelligent motion, light and draft sensors, Tatou warms your space and your heart.

You don't need to sacrifice energy efficiency for luxurious heating comfort. Tatou drives down energy consumption to breakthrough lows. Meet the new generation 'black body' radiant plate element — an exclusive Tatou feature that replaces the traditional finned electric element found on convection panel heaters. Tatou's 'black body' plate technology means only 80 watts per square metre of room area is recommended when sizing a heater. Compare this with the 100 watts per square metre recommended for traditional panel heaters.

» Read more about how the Tatou Radiant Panel heater helps you save energy and money. (PDF)

Radiant heating is reward itself, offering all the comforts of a log fire. Now that's a superior level of ease that classic convection heating struggles to match.

Tatou features

  • Motion Sensor
    When no motion is detected for over 30 minutes, Tatou responds by turning itself down by 2°C then automatically resets when motion is detected again.
  • Light Sensor
    Tatou responds when it's lights-out time. The heater automatically turns down by 2°C then resets when the lights are switched back on.
  • Draft Sensor
    When a rapid drop in temperature is detected, Tatou switches to standby then returns to heating automatically when air temperature stabilises.
  • Consumption Indicator
    Monitor Tatou energy use as you go — you'll like what you see.
  • Programmable
    Time to farewell timers and welcome Tatou's press of a button pre-set programs.
  • Specifications

  • Digital temperature display
  • Energy consumption indicator
  • Inclusion of wall bracket
  • Three set programs options 24x7
  • Eco mode for ultra energy efficiency
  • Electronic thermostat sensors every 40 seconds to 1/10°C
  • 7 year warranty

  • Safety

  • Child-safe surface temperature
  • Lockable control panel
  • Asthma and allergy friendly with premium anti-dust process
  • Automated safety cut-off feature
  • Splash proof
  • Silent

Optional Feet & Castors (572001)

Q. Why should I choose Atlantic?

Established in 1931, Atlantic is now a world leading manufacturer of electric heaters in Europe. Today, Atlantic has 19 manufacturing plants across Europe producing some 3 million units per year. Atlantic convectors are manufactured to exacting standards incorporating high quality materials, advanced control systems to increase performance, efficiency and life of the products.

Q. Why choose Tatou?

No heater surpasses the quality of warmth and comfort produced by Tatou’s unique ‘black body’ radiant plate element, combining radiant and convection passive heating. It is Europe’s finest radiant electric heater.

Q Why is Tatou so energy efficient?

The advanced large ‘black body’ plate element in combination with the motion, light and draft sensors produces energy efficiencies like no other heater. In addition the electronic thermostat regulates the air temperature every 40 seconds to 1/10°C for added savings.

Q. Sizing the correct heater for your room

The ultra efficient Tatou radiant heater requires only 80 watts per square meter of room area, not 100 watts as with other panel heaters.

Model Wattage Width(mm) Height(mm) Depth(mm) Room Size
567100 1000 615 470 120 15m2
567150 1500 840 470 120 20m2
567200 2000 1060 470 120 25m2

Q How do the Motion & Light sensors work?

Mode 1: When COMFORT is the priority, select comfort mode ( sun symbol) and the desired temp say, 20°C. The electronic thermostat will regulate the room temperature every 40 seconds to 1/10°C.

Mode 2: When COMFORT is required, PLUS energy savings, turn on the ‘Motion’ sensor. In this mode, if no presence is detected, the heater will turn down from the comfort setting by 2°C after 30 minutes.

Mode 3: When ENERGY EFFICIENCY is the priority, select ECO mode with “Motion” sensor on. Select the background temperature for when the room is unoccupied say 12°C with the COMFORT temperature set at 20°C. When ‘presence’ is detected, the heater will warm the room from 12°C to 20°C. When a person leaves the room, the heater will return to 12°C over 90 minutes.

Q. What are the running costs without motion sensors activated.

Once a room comes to temperature, the Tatou heater cycles at approximately 50% of the time therefore assuming electricity costs 25 cents per KWH:

2000 watt costs 25 cents per hour – Room size 20-25m2
1500 watt costs 19 cents per hour – Room size 15-20m2
1000 watt costs 13 cents per hour – Room size 10-15m2

Q What is the Draft sensor

If the draft sensor is turned on, and a cold draft is detected, the heater will turn to standby mode ( 7°C) and automatically return to heating when the temperature stabilizes.

Q. Can the sensors be turned off?

Yes, the sensors can be turned off with a simple press of a button. This may be the case when there is little movement such as reading a book or watching TV.

Q. Is Tatou safe in bathrooms?

Yes ! The heaters are splash proof rated and double insulated making them suitable for use in bathrooms. They are to be installed in zone 2, that is the controls cannot be reached when in the bath or shower.

Q. Is the Tatou child safe?

The Tatou meets Australian standards for child safety. The low surface temperature will not burn. The control cover and the digital display can be locked

Q. Is the Tatou allergy friendly.

Yes, the advanced large ‘black body’ plate element is anti dust treated and vertically mounted thus reducing dust build up.

Q. Can the Tatou be free standing?

Yes, Optional set of feet and castors ( part no 517000 are available ) Simply fit and lock with the supplied screws.

Q. Can Tatou be wall mounted?

Yes ! The heater comes with a wall bracket that is fixed to the wall. When fixing to plaster, the product ‘Wall Mates’ from your local hardware are recommended.

Q. Is there a timer?

There are three fixed lifestyle programmes that switch between COMFORT and ECO. The ‘Motion’ sensor can be used in this mode. These fixed programmes cannot be adjusted.

Q. What is the warranty?

The warranty is seven years, either repair or replacement as determined by Atlantic.

Q. Where is it made?