Technical Information


Pass Program Timer

Time control is available for the Pass Program heaters with the Pass Program plug-in timer. The Pass Program timer is easy to use and clicks into the back of the panel heater.

One Pass Program timer can transform your installation into a high performance central heating system by regulating up to 15 panel heaters.

The Pass Program timer can also be used as an intelligent decentralised heating system by programming different zones in the household.

The Pass Program Advantage

  • Used with Pass Program panel heaters.
  • Low capital costs, low installation costs, low running costs, large energy savings.
  • Used with high precision electronic thermostats for increased comfort.
  • Used as an intelligent centralized or decentralised heating system.

Pass Program Plug in Timer: Programming designed for the user

The Pass Program control, one per control zone, fits into the side of any heater of the Pass Program range , also switches the Monalisa and Doris Chrome.

Heaters Interconnected - Pass Program Hardwiring

Heaters are connected via a 240 Volt 1.0mm2 cable. The programmed instructions are then sent through this cable.


Download the Timer Manual
Download the Wiring Diagram


Choosing the correct heater size

Multiply width x length of room to calculate square metres (m2).
Eg. length 3m x width 3m = 9m2. 100 watts x 9m2 = 900 watts.
This would require a 1000 watt heater, ideal for smaller rooms.

Living & Bedroom:
Allow 100 watts per m2 of room area (with a ceiling height of up to 3m.)
For example, a 15m2 area requires a 1500-watt heater.

Allow 200 watts per m2 of bathroom area.
For example, a 5m2 area requires a 1000-watt heater.

Running Costs & Sizes

Wattage Heated Area Cost per hour width height depth suggested uses
1000 10m2 0.07c 445 450 78 single/double bedroom
1500 15m2 0.11c 590 450 78 ensuite, bathroom, study, office
2000 20m2 0.14c 740 450 78 general living area
2400 24m2 0.17c 890 450 78 general living area
Running costs based on a standard tariff of 14 cents per Kwh, with the heater cycling at 50%.
Running costs will vary depending on conditions such as insulation, curtains and room size.

For effective heating, rooms should be fully insulated, preferably with curtains and floor coverings. All doors should be closed.